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Arsenal FC.

Project Objective

To contain land contaminated with Japanese Knotweed that threatened the foundations of two new stadium developments.

Project Description

As the cost of removing the contaminated soil was prohibitive it was determined that a means was needed to ensure the building and car parks adjacent to the new Emirates stadium would not be threatened by this highly invasive plant.

It was decided to install vertical and horizontal liners, protected by RootX, to isolate the Japanese Knotweed contaminated areas from the two half acre sites - specifically a small building’s concrete foundations and a car park’s concrete footings.

Products involved



A highly invasive plant species was successfully contained.


A much cheaper solution that guaranteed success.

Project Summary

Products Used

  • Root Barriers

Project Features

  • Contamination Control

Project Nature

  • Small
  • Problem solution, Completed in 2003.

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