Attenuation Tanks

Attenuation Tanks

Flood water storage systems

Water-Line's unique 'Shoebox' system. As specialists in environmental engineering, Water-Lines are well placed to offer advice on all aspects of complex projects such as floodwater storage. In fact, Water-Lines have developed a method of wrapping large numbers of Attenuation Units in a membrane to create tanks with varying floodwater handling capacities. Known as the 'Shoebox' system, it fully complies with the requirements of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Wrapping of Attenuation Units with impermeable membrane ’Shoebox’ system...

We use our expertise in floodwater management to advise on everything from the best overall approach, to the optimum geomembranes or erosion control products to use. For more information about this storage technique or detailed assistance on water conservation projects in the UK, just contact us.

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