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Baffle Curtains

Water-Lines can supply complete baffle curtain solutions. Every aspect of your requirement, from designing the layout, to selecting materials and the appropriate termination detail - Water-Lines can handle it all. We have a good track record for tailoring solutions to ensure contact times are reduced and sediment deposits minimised.

The curtains comprise of small modular sections that are fabricated off site for easy assembly within the reservoir. Each module is fabricated to specific dimensions using hot air/wedge welding techniques and incorporates both a bottom and top pocket running horizontally and a vertical pocket at one end.

Indicative Baffle Curtain Arrangement

Method of installation

Prior to the curtains being installed holes are drilled into the floor and soffit of the reservoir, mechanical sockets are inserted and stainless eyebolts are secured into place. In the event that mechanical sockets are not suitable, then a DWI approved resin will be used to secure the eyebolt/bracket.

Each of the pre- fabricated modules are placed beneath the prepared area of installation, DWI UPVC pipes are inserted into both the bottom and top pockets ensuring that the pipes are continuous by using joining couplers. At each end of the pipes end caps are fixed.

The curtain is connected to the floor using preformed stainless brackets which fit over the bottom pipe and are secured to the floor with nut and bolt. Tensioning straps are installed through the eyebolt in the soffit and placed through an opening in the top pocket, finally being secured around the pipe and tensioned.

The curtain is fixed to the wall at one end using stainless bar and fixings with a pull out tube secured behind.
At the opposite end the curtain finishes short of the wall; this is known as the free end and is connected to the soffit and floor eyebolt using a straining wire which passes through the vertical pocket and is tensioned using an adjustable rigging screw.


Diagram key

  1. 1. Input of treated water
  2. 2. Baffle Curtains
  3. 3. Door installed for baffle curtain maintenance
  4. 4. Serpentine path followed by water to reservoirs output installations
  5. 5. Output supply

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