Water industry

Structural Waterproofing

FPA has been successfully used in the Water Industry for over 15 years serving new and old structures which have failed integrity testing.

FPA can be produced in various thicknesses and can be manufactured or fabricated into large sheets for instant protection, which mitigates the problems caused by the vagaries of weather conditions.

The installation process benefits from modern welding techniques which are world renowned. The normal method is in the form of ‘hot air’ or ‘hot wedge’ sealing along with an extrusion process using Leister machinery. Each weld can be independently tested to ensure its integrity along with a complete test of the system prior to covering.

This system can be applied to most structures and connection points, including access areas, pipe services and up-stands, using a combination of brush applied liquids and termination belts.

FPA can be laid directly onto the substrate or, where necessary, an FPA underlay can be placed prior to the FPA installation. Above the waterproofing liner either an FPA overlay or FPA drainage can be placed to complete the system.


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