Water industry

Floating Covers

Whether it is a floating cover for potable or raw water containment, Water-Lines can help design, specify, source and install.

With access to a patent modular float system utilising FPA we can deliver stand alone odour control covers, or an insulated system where a heat retention capability is required. Or, by overlaying this float system with a biogas collection system (and the necessary network of collector pipes) then topping this sandwich off with an upper membrane, the cover can function as an anaerobic digester.


  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Installed
  • Simple low maintenance design
  • Allows rain & snow melt to pass through system
  • Resists wind uplift forces
  • Good odour control
  • Converts to bio-gas collector system
  • Systems for potable water and effluents


The system comprises of a series of bespoke modules which are interconnected to form a large covered area. The modules can either be installed to an empty lagoon, or interconnected and "floated" into position on an existing filled lagoon.

The modules are manufactured from FPA, a Flexible Polypropylene Alloy which encapsulates a rigid insulation medium to create a buoyant connectable pontoon. The system incorporates a network of anchors that allow the cover to rise & fall with the lagoon levels whilst resisting wind uplift forces. The system gives good thermal retention properties and requires no electro-mechanical components.

An optional gas collector membrane can be installed should anaerobic digestion be considered which incorporates a network of gas collector pipes to harvest biogas production.

Benefits of the patent system are:

  • Installation
  • Simple low-maintenance design
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Wind-lift resistance
  • Precipitation drains through system


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