Lake Construction

Pond and Lake Construction

Waterlines Solutions are in the business of excavating and lining ponds and lakes of all shapes and sizes from a few hundred square metres up to hectares. We have a proven track record over the last 10 years of building and refurbishing lakes and ponds.

We use modern lining techniques such as Bentoline GCL and a variety of geo-membranes ensuring that the lakes and ponds we build are watertight. Our experience enables us to choose the most appropriate lining system for the particular project.

We can offer the full package of excavation, lining and landscaping. As we have our own aquatic nursery with pre-grown aquatic plants, this enables us to complete the lake or pond with planted margins. Using pre-established coir pallets and coir rolls enables the pond or lake margins to form a mature stand of vegetation offering a pleasing aesthetic finish and a valued habitat.

After a visit to your property for a free consultation, where we can discuss and assess the potential lake/pond build or refurbishment, Water-Lines will then provide a full written quotation for the works discussed.

From full turn-key projects through to supplying membrane panels for self-installation, we can provide the services required.


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