Sovereign Harbour

Sovereign Harbour


Tarmac Construction Limited


Sovereign Harbour is a £40m development transforming 14ha. of old gravel pits into an outer tidal harbour with locks into a constant depth inner harbour. The complete facility provides berths for 650 craft, a hotel, various leisure and retail outlets, together with a prestigious housing development.


Excavation for the outer harbour involved the removal of 400,000m³ of material. The west facing gradients of the outer harbour were constructed with an artificial beach slope of 10% to dissipate wave energy entering in through the breakwater. The other three sides, which provide berthing facilities for various kinds of leisure boats, have a steeper 33% slope. These slopes which are within the basin are protected using a geotextile filter over which Armorflex precast concrete revetment blocks have been laid.


Over 700 mats were delivered to site keeping pace with daily installation targets. Kier Construction anticipated a single team to lay the revetment at a rate of about 3,000m² (210 mats) a week. Once the mats were installed the interstices between the blocks were filled with 5-20mm of angular aggregate to interlock the blocks. At the top of each slope is a reinforced concrete wall to contain the water.


This major phase of the operation was completed in the Autumn of 1992 and was opened the following Spring. A new phase of development is planned.

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