Water industry

Tank Lining

Where tanks are leaking, internal lining membranes can be used to provide a solution.

WLS can supply and install DWI flexible internal lining systems to all surfaces. The lining systems can conform to all shapes and seal around internal column supports using vacforming and extrusion methods.

In these applications the membrane is installed to generally concrete or steel structures to act as the water retaining membrane but requires little or no structural integrity. They are always loose laid into the tanks and only fixed at the top of the membrane around the perimeter. The principle is to install a loose ‘bag’ within the existing tanks so that any movement of the structure does not affect the integrity of the waterproofing membrane. The welding is limited on site because of prefabrication and all fixings are stainless steel at any pipe or flange details. No chemicals are required to facilitate the installation.


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