Water industry

Water Industry

WLS have been working with the water industry on major refurbishment and new construction projects in the UK, ROI, mainland Europe and the MENA regions (Middle East and North Africa) for nearly a decade, working with Water Authorities, Consulting Engineers and Frame Work Contractors.
WLS have been supporting Water Companies for the improvement of their assets with our DWI approved flexible FPA along with WRAS approved components.

There are 5 keys areas which WLS can provide supply and installation solutions.

• Baffle Curtains - to improve water quality, reduce chlorination and prevent stagnation.

• Structural Waterproofing - to prevent the ingress of untreated water into potable drinking tanks.

• Floating Covers - flexible structures which can be installed and removed whilst in service.

• Tank Lining - sealing internal structures which have ingress of water or are leaking.

• Storage Lagoons - water containment systems.

WLS oversee the manufacture of the FPA with stringent quality checks at. This service extends from manufacturing to project specification, specialist fabrication of Baffle Curtains and Floating Covers and management supervision on UK and overseas projects.
If you require further technical information for projects under consideration or have any queries on the above products please contact our technical team on 0800 5878309

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